MICO Pro for current monitoring

Mico Pro is the new and innovative Murrelektronik system for current monitoring in 12 and 24 VDC applications. You can choose between modules with one, two or four output channels. On fixed modules, the tripping currents are preset at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 16 A. In configurable modules, the tripping current can be set between 1 and 10 A or between 11 and 20 A. The high capacity inrush per channel at full load (up to 30mF) allows the monitoring of multiple capacitive loads with a single device.
  • Modularity - accurate to the last channel
  • Integrated potential distribution - greatly facilitates wiring of the control cabinet
  • Easy assembly - you fix it without any tool
  • Diagnostics - on the module or via PLC
  • Switch off for single channel - replaces the disconnect switches
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Murr Mico Pro current monitoring system

Mico Pro is the new innovative current monitoring system from Murrelektronik. The modular structure allows to adapt the system to the application exactly and guarantees an advantageous cost / benefit ratio with the minimum amount of space. The patented intervention behavior guarantees the maximum functionality of the machine. A further advantage is the integrated potential distribution system, which facilitates the wiring of the control cabinet.

The feeding system represent the heart of machines and plants and that is why their reliability must be maximum. Murr Mico Pro is a guarantee because Murrelektronik’s intelligent current monitoring system manages all load and control currents and detects any dangerous situations in good time. Murr Mico Pro reports limit loads and specifically deactivates defective channels. Mico Pro also detects so-called “sporadic” errors.

Murr Mico pro – modularity

Mico Pro is a modular system for 12 and 24 VDC operating voltages. The suitable components are selected from numerous modules and, without the aid of any tools, joined together with a main power module to form a complete system. You can choose between modules with one, two or four output channels. These have a width of only 8, 12 or 24 millimeters and therefore guarantee considerable space savings.

Modules with fixed and preset tripping currents at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 16 A are available. On the other hand, the tripping current can be set between 1 and 10 A or between 11 and 20 A in configurable modules: this allows you to increase flexibility and reduce the need for different variants. In this way it is possible to replace the modules at any time without any difficulty.
Mico Pro has a structure for the distribution of potential that makes the wiring of the switchboard much easier. You can expand the 24 V and 0 V power supply with an additional potential distribution module that provides 2×12 connection points.

The device has been designed for a total current up to 40 A. All system inputs and outputs are equipped with push-in spring terminals. The position of the connection terminal blocks prevents the front side of the Mico Pro from being covered by the connection cables. The operator will only need a glance to detect the designations and status of the LEDs.

In the Mico Pro the diagnostic functions play a central role. Each channel is equipped with a LED for displaying the status on the instrument; in addition, the digital message signals can be transmitted to the control unit. The Mico Pro power supply module provides a summary diagnosis relating to the entire system, while the configurable modules provide additional diagnostic signals depending on the channel.

The Leds on the individual channels show the green and red states. If 90 per cent of the shutter current is reached, the green LED flashes and a digital control signal is activated. If the current is exceeded, the affected channel is immediately deactivated. The LED flashes red and also in this case a control signal is generated. Reactivation can be done via a command signal from the control unit or by pressing the button. For maintenance purposes, the channels can also be manually deactivated.

A specific signalling function depending on the channel allows the PLC, in the case of configurable modules, to activate and deactivate individual parts of the system.

Murr Mico Pro can also be structured in cascade. This means that an additional Mico Pro station can be connected to a Mico channel. It is especially in the case of applications with decentralized control cabinet that the advantage in terms of costs and installation is significant.