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Artificial vision

Innovative vision technologies to improve production processes

Today machines can see. Their eyes are artificial vision systems, which have become so sophisticated to free automatic machines and robots from the need of human supervision even in delicate tasks such as visual quality control. Seeing is understood not only as obtaining an image of a space but is the interpretation and recognition of what is contained in that space.

Artificial vision occurs through the use of various kinds of cameras or sensors (radar, ultrasound, tomography, etc.) and carrying out a series of operations:

  • Image acquisition through the sensors mentioned above;
  • A first processing to reduce noise and adjust contrast and highlight relevant information;
  • Extraction of image features, such as edges, textures, shapes, lines;
  • Processing: establish position and / or size, or identify the category to which the object belongs, or compare the image object with a predetermined object;
  • Final result, which can be interpreted as a decision: match or no match, recognition or non-recognition, failure or approval or signaling the need of further analysis.

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