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Technical advice

Industriale Elettrica

Electro – industrial supplies

In a constantly changing reality it is essential to keep up with the times. Anyone involved in automation knows that updating and training are no longer elements that you can underestimate if you want to be competitive on local, national and international markets.

Industriale Elettrica srl with its specialized technicians offers consulting services, technical assistance and programming of PLCs, inverters, vision systems, temperature controllers at very attractive prices.

The pride of our technical service are consultancy on robotics and programming of industrial and collaborative robots.

Our specialization in the field of industrial automation has led us, for some years now, to organize a program of training courses on some Omron products, one of our flagship brands.

The courses are totally free, have as their topic the use and programming of advanced automation systems and components (such as PLC, Inverter, touch screen terminals, vision systems etc.) and are taught by Omron technicians directly.