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Industrial automation

The development of production systems has been achieved over time through the total or partial elimination of human intervention in the work: first of all by increasing the availability of energy and efficiency in its use, and then improving the methods of collecting information and controlling the was allowing for an ever higher level of precision.

P.L.C. (Programmable Logic Controller)

The PLC is the basic element of the control system of industrial machines and processes. It is a computer with input / output interfaces that receives input (from sensors, buttons, etc.) and returns an output (via relay, transistor or analog outputs) according to the set program. Given the input signals, these will be processed and the actuators will perform certain operations defined by the software. The use in increasingly specific areas has led them to evolve into controllers specifically designed for motion control, with the ability to synchronously manage a large number of motorized and possibly robot axes. These controllers are commonly known as the Machine Automation Controller.

Inverter (Frequency inverter)

A variable speed drive is a device that regulates the speed and rotation force or torque of an electric motor. Worldwide, millions of electric motors are used to perform the most varied functions. If we consider the fact that more than 65% of the electricity used in industry is consumed by motors, we realize that frequency inverters are used to operate an infinite number of machines: pumps, fans of power plants, conveyor rollers, ventilation systems and many others. The possibility of varying the speed of an electric motor by controlling the power supplied to the machine represents a great opportunity for energy savings.

Electric drive

In the industrial sector, the set of systems that allows moving a mechanical load is commonly called actuator. Electricity is converted into mechanical energy through the use of a rotating actuator (motor) which, suitably managed by the controller and by the electronics that enriches the drive itself (power supply, inverter, sensors, etc.) can thus be easily used in the most varied applications.

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